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Hi all,

Today we will be starting a new series on the Smart Pig Blog where we will answer the “Question of the Week.” These will be actual questions we receive from the public, local governments and the media, and will cover a whole range of pipeline subjects. To make this work we need to continue to receive good questions, so please feel free to send your questions to


As time goes on we will be categorizing these questions to create an indexed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on our website where people can hopefully easily find answers to their question whenever they wish.


On our website we already have a series of 11 briefing papers that cover a variety of general pipeline issues. We will be updating all of those soon. The current briefing papers include:

Natural Gas Pipelines – The Basics

Hazardous Liquid Pipelines – The Basics

The statutes, regulations, consensus standards, and best practices

The Alphabet Soup of Players in Pipeline Safety

Considering Risk

Excavation Damage Prevention

The Need For Better Planning Near Pipelines

Pipeline Routing and Siting Issues

Integrity Management Rules

Cost Benefit Analysis

Emergency Planning


Over the next couple months we would like to add 3-5 more briefing papers to this collection. We really want to produce information that people find helpful, so if you have ideas for new briefing papers please pass them along. Some of the ideas we are kicking around right now are:

• Where to find pipeline information
• How to get an agency to answer your questions
• What do states do regarding pipeline safety and what authority do they have
• Emissions from natural gas pipelines
• How does a good idea become law


Between the new indexed FAQs and the updated and expanded briefing papers we hope people will be able to find what they need to better understand the pipelines that already run through their communities or the ones being proposed.


Let us know if you have ideas or questions.





P.S. – Note on the right we have added a place where you can input your email to subscribe so you will get notices when there are new posts on this Smart Pig Blog

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